Monday Menu

We are way ahead of the game, here, and if I don’t watch it, I could get pretty smug. By Saturday afternoon, not only was the weekend’s menu all planned, but all of next week’s, too! AND the grocery shopping was done, AND the freezer was cleaned out. By Sunday afternoon, the Hub had already cooked the soup and pasta sauce for later in the week, and had dinner well on its way. The Hub took the lead on all these tasks, but I washed a lot of dishes and cleaned the gunk out of the bottom of the freezer drawer. I’d say we’re even. If I make some dessert, he’ll say we’re even.

Monday: Mote pillo (an Ecuadorean hominy dish), green salad

Tuesday: Garlic-Potato Soup, kale chips

Wednesday: Rustic Slow-Simmered Tomato Sauce with Meat, pasta, broccoli, Halloween candy for dessert

Thursday: Quiche (I’d like to try this crust recipe, but will streamline the rest), Carrot Salad with Creamy Lemon, Yogurt & Chive Dressing

Friday: Chili (I don’t exactly use a recipe, but this one is the same general formula), tortilla chips, fruit salad

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Monday Menu

Do you have a special dinner planned for Halloween, or at least something you can heat up after trick-or-treating?

Monday Menu

I like to bake bread myself, but this weekend I bought two big European style loaves from our local market, on sale for $.99 each. They were still warm from the oven, with a crisp crust and a pillowy white center. We ate some over the weekend, and I cut the rest into chunks and froze them so we can eat bread all week. Any bits languishing in the freezer will end up in baked French toast or a strata.

My other discovery this weekend was ground turkey thighs on sale at Whole Foods. I promptly scratched out my original plan for Friday night and substituted turkey burgers. It’s great to have a  menu plan and a list to shop from, but some of the best meals arise from a little serendipity.

Monday: Split pea soup with ham, croutons (didn’t make this last week–we had leftovers instead)

Tuesday: Italian Sloppy Joes, kale chips

Wednesday: Creamy Corn Soup (from the kids’ cookbook, Honest Pretzels, by Mollie Katzen), sandwiches

Thursday: Pork fried rice (I saved some sliced pork tenderloin from the pork medallions I made on Saturday)

Friday: Turkey burgers, oven fries, warm green bean salad with vinaigrette


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Monday Menu


Did you find a great sale or delicious ingredient to plan a meal around this week?