Monday Menu

I like to bake bread myself, but this weekend I bought two big European style loaves from our local market, on sale for $.99 each. They were still warm from the oven, with a crisp crust and a pillowy white center. We ate some over the weekend, and I cut the rest into chunks and froze them so we can eat bread all week. Any bits languishing in the freezer will end up in baked French toast or a strata.

My other discovery this weekend was ground turkey thighs on sale at Whole Foods. I promptly scratched out my original plan for Friday night and substituted turkey burgers. It’s great to have a  menu plan and a list to shop from, but some of the best meals arise from a little serendipity.

Monday: Split pea soup with ham, croutons (didn’t make this last week–we had leftovers instead)

Tuesday: Italian Sloppy Joes, kale chips

Wednesday: Creamy Corn Soup (from the kids’ cookbook, Honest Pretzels, by Mollie Katzen), sandwiches

Thursday: Pork fried rice (I saved some sliced pork tenderloin from the pork medallions I made on Saturday)

Friday: Turkey burgers, oven fries, warm green bean salad with vinaigrette


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Monday Menu


Did you find a great sale or delicious ingredient to plan a meal around this week?


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