Painting the front door

Why did it take me so long to get around to this?

I’ve been meaning to paint the front door for ages, and yesterday I was finally moved to just get it done. Well, I did the exterior. I was waffling on whether to paint the inside of the door as well, but after a quick browse through some inspiration photos on Pinterest (just search for “black door”), I was reassured. Today’s project: paint the interior side.


I dropped Little Four off at preschool and went straight to Home Depot and bought a quart of Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior semi-gloss enamel in Black. I looked at some paint chips, some more greeny-black, some more gray-black, but when it came down to it, I just asked for plain old black. I’m very happy with it. Somehow the glossy black makes the entrance more impressive, and I like how the brass hardware pops out.

First coat

As I expected, it took three coats of paint–maybe an hour, total? All I needed was a 2-inch angled brush and some painter’s tape (to tape off the hardware).



I’ve got about two hours before I need to leave the house again…time to put my painting clothes back on and get the first coat on the other side!


11 responses

  1. I love, love, love, a shiny black front door. Yours looks just wonderful. Are you painting the inside black too? My front door is black, but only the outside. The inside is still white. i think I’ll do what you’re doing.

    Thanks for the inspiration!

    • I did paint the inside of the door black, too. Unfortunately, along with the white trim around the sidelights, there’s honey oak trim all around the foyer (probably added when the hardwood was replaced). I’ve been meaning to paint it all white to match the rest of the trim in the house, but now I’m really motivated, because the white + black + oak is soooo visually busy. I hope to get started next week!

    • Thanks! Took me a whole week to finish the inside, though. I got 2 coats on and it looked almost done, so it didn’t seem so urgent to finish it. Yesterday, finally. 🙂

  2. This is one of those jobs that is so disruptive to life because of the time commitment and inability to just lock the house and walk away in the middle. But-oh! the difference it makes!

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