Monday Menu

Crazy week ahead. Cooking anything complicated is not on the agenda. I hope to go shopping this afternoon, but my back is not playing nice and I’m coming down with a cold (thanks for sharing, Little Four), so chances are I’ll only stop at one store. But even though I’d rather nap than think about meal planning, I’m going to jump in and do it anyway, knowing that the week will spiral out of control if I don’t. At least this is one chore that I can do from the couch with a cup of coffee.

So here’s just what popped into my head (all fall into the category of Things My People Will Eat Without Complaint), while trying to picture what I think is already in the pantry and freezer (I can’t summon the energy to actually get up and look).

Monday: Pasta Carbonara, salad

Tuesday: Split pea and ham soup (in the slow cooker), croutons

Wednesday: Sausage and potatoes, big salad

Thursday: Pan-fried fish, tartar sauce, veg to be determined

Friday: Tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches (maybe in the waffle iron!)

When you’re facing a busy week, what’s your default dinner plan?


One response

  1. You make grilled cheese in the waffle iron? With the waffle plates in or flat ones? I must learn more about this trick since we have a waffle iron we never use. Ever.

    Our favorite quick meals are chimichangas, tacos, szechuan beef, pasta with meat sauce & chili. The two last ones I often do on a weekend or on a day when I’m not too busy in my office. And we almost always make double the meal and freeze it or have leftovers the next night. I can’t get enough of good freezer meals on a really busy night. 🙂

    No Ordinary Homestead

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