Moving the dishes to kid-height


It seems like just the other day that I cleaned out the drawer of plastic kids’ cups and dishes, eliminating the sippy cups and mismatched lids that nobody uses anymore. Turns out I just didn’t go far enough.

Our everyday dishes and glasses live in the upper cabinets over the sink and dishwasher, convenient when I’m unloading the dishwasher. But it’s not so convenient if I want the kids to help set the table or put away some dishes, or even serve themselves a bowl of cereal. It’s time for a little rearranging so they can become more self-sufficient.


I emptied the drawer, wiped it down, and washed the baskets (seriously, where do all those crumbs come from?). Then I sorted. We still use the water bottles regularly, as well as a few plastic snack bowls. I moved the plastic cups to the new water cooler spot on the porch, and the plastic plates to the bin of picnic supplies in the basement. Hiding behind the baskets are thermoses for school lunches, Snack Traps (Little Four uses them on outings), and reusable kid cups from Sweet Tomatoes (bring your cup back and the drink is free).

Then I relocated our smaller Corelle plates (inherited from my grandmother), cereal bowls and glasses to the other basket. All of these are sturdy, kid-sized, and nothing is precious or irreplaceable if it breaks.

I think my next project had better be creating some self-serve snack stations. They’re going to need something to put on those plates.


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  1. I just took out the summer job chart. Setting the table is number one! I will have to do some rearranging too if want the kids to set and clear without aid.

  2. Where do the crumbs come from?
    Great idea to move the dishes/cups to kids’ height, now there won’t be any excuses for not setting the table or cleaning-up after themselves 🙂

  3. I was just thinking the same thing earlier today as T. asked me for what seemed like the 18th time to get him a glass of ice water. He can reach the ice and the water no problem, but the glasses are high, Snacks and bowls are at kid height already.

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