Monday Menu

Summer vacation has begun, with its visions of long, lazy days. The reality is that too many lazy days make us all cranky (I’ve already intervened in three arguments just while writing this post). If anything, I need to be more diligent about meal planning and scheduling our time so that we can enjoy our days without scrambling for dinner or wasting precious hours running to the grocery every day–never a good idea with three hungry kids. I also need to lay in a supply of snacks and park a cooler on the porch with ice water and cups. This week is going to be all about preparation and trying out some new routines (scheduled computer time, library time, daily school review time, play outside time, swimming lessons). We might need to bust out some poster board and make a chart! That should eat up about 30 minutes today…

Monday: Grilled artichokes and spaghetti with cheese and black pepper

Tuesday: Turkey burgers, sesame noodles

Wednesday: Grilled chicken, tzatziki potato salad (for the children who hate cucumbers but love tzatziki!)

Thursday: Pork fried rice, stir-fried green beans

Friday: Nachos and mango sorbet (with frozen mango chunks)–It’s Family Movie Night!

Breakfast and snacks: Blueberry muffins, granola bars, whole wheat cheese crackers

What are your favorite easy summer meals?


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