Monday Menu on Tuesday…plus recipes and projects you may have missed!

I hope all of you who celebrated Memorial Day had a wonderful weekend. Between cleaning out the garage, lounging on the patio with a book, visiting with family and friends, and participating in the Memorial Day ceremonies at our local cemetery, I had the perfect combination of productivity, relaxation, celebration and remembrance. This week I’ll have some fun projects and recipes to share with you to kickstart your summer!

Before I get to our delayed installment of Monday Menu, I want to address a little blog housekeeping. If you’re a reader, there have been some technical issues with the blog feed and you may have missed some posts in the past few weeks. So here’s a round up of projects and recipes that you might want to check out!

Recipes: Coconut Banana Popsicles, Best Yellow Layer Cake with Fresh Fruit and Pastry Cream

Home projects (The William Morris Project): Recipe Binder, Painting Lampshades, Repairing a Bamboo Roman Shade, The Garden Project

Monday Menus: May 21st, May 14th, May 7th, April 30th

After any holiday weekend, we usually have a fridge full of goodies just waiting to be transformed into meals for the week. I packed cold chicken and watermelon in everyone’s lunch today, and there is a bounty of cheeses and delicious dips that my husband made for our cocktail party on the porch last night. This artichoke dip, thinned with some pasta cooking water, is going to make a lovely pasta sauce. The roasted cherry tomatoes will be a perfect pizza topping, and we have plenty of watermelon left for ice pops. Alas, we polished off all the pie, but I’ll be sharing the recipes with you tomorrow!

Tuesday: Pasta with artichoke olive pesto, Fennel and Parmesan Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette, Nutella Pizza

Wednesday: Pizza and Strawberry-Watermelon Ice Pops

Thursday: Potage Saint-Germain (French Pea Soup),

Friday: I’m leaving the planning to the rest of my family, as it’s my early birthday dinner!

Saturday: Steaks and hotdogs on the grill…sides to be determined…

Sunday: Dinner out with friends!


As always, thanks for stopping by Home Baked! Feel free to share your menu plans/thoughts/suggestions in the comments! I read every single one!




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