Monday Menu

If last week was crazy (Big concert! Bought a car and sold a car!), this week I am glad to ease slowly into our regular schedule. Nothing too ambitious. Plenty of comfort food. Only one new recipe, and it’s a variation of chicken soup, which everyone is usually happy to eat. (Also plenty of vegetables. I swear, on Saturday I don’t think I consumed a single fruit or vegetable–unless you count ketchup.)

Monday: Spaghetti and meatballs (at the kids’ request), garlicky broccoli

Tuesday: Lemongrass-Coconut Chicken Soup, potstickers

Wednesday: Pork schnitzel, roasted potatoes, tomato salad

Thursday: Ali Baa Baa sandwiches (still some lamb from Easter in the freezer), Greek salad

Friday: Homemade pizza

I’ll also mix up a batch of no-knead dough for pita and pizzas, and prepare a big platter of fruit with some honey-yogurt dip for the kids to snack on (presentation is everything). And I’ve amassed a good stash of frozen bananas, so I think it’s time for banana bread again. I’d better empty the dishwasher and make a grocery list now!

What’s your favorite comfort food?


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