Monday Menu

This weekend my husband tackled what I put off all last week: cleaning out the refrigerator. There was not a single plastic container in the drawer–they were all in the fridge filled with mysterious leftovers of uncertain provenance. Now that order has been restored to the kitchen universe, I’m finding it much easier to plan meals for this week.

You might notice that I planned a meal for Saturday. We’re having friends (with kids) over for the afternoon, so I wanted something that I can make ahead and serve buffet-style, and I don’t want to dash to the grocery store on Friday afternoon!

Monday: Thai-style ground pork with garlic & basil, coconut rice, gingered green beans

Tuesday: Homemade mac-n-cheese, kale salad (raw veggies & dip for the kids)

Wednesday: Pork chops with garlic & thyme, smashed potatoes, pan-roasted asparagus

Thursday: Roasted cauliflower salad, brats (and leftover mac-n-cheese)

Friday: Turkey burgers, apple salad

Saturday: Pulled pork tacos, beans, guacamole, corn & tomato salad


What’s your favorite make-ahead meal for a crowd?


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