New! Recipe Index

I’m slowly working on making Home Baked a little more functional and visually appealing. I want you all to enjoy your time here!

The highlights:

  • For your recipe searching pleasure, you can now find a link to every Home Baked recipe on our new Recipe Index page. Just click “Recipe Index” under the “Find what you’re looking for” category at the top of the sidebar on the right. In the future, I may get more complicated and break everything out by ingredient (though that will involve technical skills I haven’t acquired yet), but at the moment recipes are in categories. I promise to keep it updated as I post new recipes.
  • If you’re looking for a particular ingredient, recipe or project, you can also use the Search bar, found a little further down on the sidebar.
  • A new header photo! I love those blueberry muffins, but it was time for a change. I think the colorful photo collage represents what you’re likely to find happening around here most days.
  • Coming soon…a Project Index for all non-food related tutorials.
  • Coming eventually…an index of all my favorite recipes from around the internet.

While combing through the archives, I’ve rediscovered some recipes I’d completely forgotten about. You might find something you’ve forgotten or never seen before, so I encourage you to scroll through the index and see what strikes your taste buds. I think I’ll be making some Crispy Toffee Bars this afternoon.




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