Monday Menu

This isn’t a week for innovation in the kitchen. It’s just one of those weeks when I’m grateful I did the thinking ahead of time, because without a plan, my brain wouldn’t be able to spit out much more than cereal and quesadillas. Every night.Some weeks are for trying new recipes, but this week is for relying on the veterans. I can usually count on everyone eating soup, most any kind of Asian-inspired chicken dish, and anything with sausage.

I’ll be trying my very best to spend 45 minutes every morning emptying the dishwasher, prepping dinner as far as possible, and doing a load of laundry (I don’t want to relive the laundry pile I just worked my way through). This morning I’ve already finished two out of three, but I still need to get the last few groceries before I can prep dinner (apparently Al Roker said to get your errands done today, before the next wave of snow sweeps in–thankfully, he’s not using groundhogs to predict the weather).

I have a secret weapon, too: a frozen pizza stashed in the garage freezer just in case one day’s schedule (or my sanity) derails and I decide to give up on cooking. It could happen.

Monday: Pasta with Caramelized Cabbage, salad

Tuesday: Sloppy Joes, broccoli

Wednesday: Baked Sausages with Apples and Potatoes, salad

Thursday: Sesame Chicken (scroll down to the end of the comments), sugar snap peas

Friday: White Bean and Tomato Soup, bread


What are cooking and eating this week?


3 responses

  1. I’m intrigued by the pasta with caramelized cabbage…my husband loves cooked cabbage so that may be a winner in our house 🙂

    That’s great that you are forming a morning routine! I find that the bigger the pile gets (laundry, dishes, toys on the floor), the more intimidated I am to tackle it 🙂

    Hope you are staying nice and warm!

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