Monday Menu

It’s 11 degrees outside right now (-7 windchill), and I have no desire to set foot outside the door today until I absolutely have to. The kids are home from school today on this Martin Luther King Jr./Inauguration Day. My big plans for the day include a little laundry and swabbing down the kitchen while I watch the inauguration festivities on tv. So my meal plan for the week is based completely on what food we already have in the house. We have enough milk to get us through the week, and if I get crazy and make a big batch of banana bread, maybe the kids won’t notice that we’re nearly out of cereal.

Monday: Potato soup (best soup on a cold day EVER)

Tuesday: Lasagna (that one I put in the freezer a few weeks ago); Brussels sprout slaw (the one I didn’t make last week)

Wednesday: Herb-rubbed top sirloin steak (maybe broiled instead of grilled) with roasted tomato and garlic relish; oven fries; asparagus

Thursday: Egg salad on Seven-grain bread

Friday: Beef ragu (made from a portion of pot roast in the freezer) with spätzle; green salad

Saturday: Roast turkey dinner


What meals can you make this week without a run to the store for ingredients?


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