Monday Menu

With a fridge still stuffed with Thanksgiving leftovers, you’d think I wouldn’t need to plan meals this week. But as much as I love turkey and trimmings, we’re ready to see them dressed a little differently. I made some turkey noodle soup last night, which will make some nice lunches this week. I got a request for turkey tetrazzini, and I plan to recast the gravy, potatoes and cranberry sauce with some Swedish meatballs. My plan today is to repackage and freeze everything else and make another batch of turkey stock. I’ll also my part to make sure the pies don’t go to waste. You can count on me.

Monday: Spinach pesto, fruit salad

Tuesday: Swedish-style meatballs, cranberry sauce, mashed potatoes

Wednesday: Chili

Thursday: Pork chops, barley with carrots and scallions

Friday: Turkey Tetrazzini, green beans


What’s your favorite post-Thanksgiving meal?


2 responses

  1. We have so many Thanksgiving leftovers too, but I think everyone is already tired of them! Time to repurpose 🙂 I’m going to be trying a turkey posole soup recipe tonight. My mom makes jook, a Chinese rice porridge, where you use the turkey bones to make a stock and then add rice and cook until it is really creamy…it’s really yummy!

    • Both sound delicious! I just put all the leftover sweet potatoes and stuffing in the freezer. Instead of getting tired of them and letting them spoil in the fridge, I plan to bring them back out in a week or two with a different main course.

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