Monday Menu

I’m pretty certain there aren’t enough hours in the week for me to finish everything on my list this week, but I’m trying to get a small jump on things by planning my menu on Sunday night. There’s lots of fun planned this week–sleepovers, birthdays, visits with friends–but isn’t it funny how much work there is to get ready for the fun? I already warned the kids that tomorrow is Clean Your Room Day, or we won’t be having that sleepover with the cousins…

Monday: Ham and cheese quiche

Tuesday:  Dinner at Grandma and Papa’s house 

Wednesday: Fried rice, edamame

Thursday: Homesick Texan Carnitas, slaw

Friday: Turkey burgers, corn on the cob, peach-raspberry pie (following this recipe)

Now if I can just manage to clean off my desk before falling in to bed! Are you as ready for September as I am?


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Monday Menu

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