Monday Menu

Another busy weekend, so I’m just now getting to my week’s menu plan. Last week I did a little last-minute switching of the menu, mostly because Friday I just didn’t feel like making the effort for enchiladas. Instead, I cooked a big pot of rice (hoping to have enough to go with enchiladas on Saturday–there was), and scanned the pantry. I saw the bag of red lentils that I bought a couple of weeks ago, and did a quick search on some of my favorite blogs. I found this recipe for Red Lentil Soup with Lemon and I was sold. Did I have all the ingredients? No. I substituted water and a tablespoon of beef bouillon for the chicken stock, and skipped the cilantro (didn’t have any) and cayenne (kids don’t like heat). The prep was all of 20 minutes, and I served the soup with a scoop of rice in the middle. The kids all had seconds, and even ate some more over the weekend. That one’s going in the rotation!

But back to this week. Once again, I’m working from whatever meat or fish we have in the freezer, and plan to shop for a short list of produce and dairy. I’m trying one new recipe from La Tartine Gourmande (guess which one!), and the rest are mostly old favorites.

Monday: Turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, kale chips

Tuesday: Garlic scampi with angel hair pasta, salad

Wednesday: Caramelized cherry tomato, zucchini and goat cheese clafoutis, salad

Thursday: Chicken fried rice, broccoli

Friday: Slow cooker short rib soft tacos


What are you cooking this week?


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  1. We had meatloaf last week and I thought of you because instead of ketchup I used pesto. I used spinach pesto that we made using your recipe. It was yummy! We had it with a side of homemade sweet potato fries. My family thanks for you for the awesome recipes and ideas!

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