Cleaning the basement…AGAIN

These photos are embarrassing. I’m warning my husband right now: DON’T LOOK! If he has a mantra, it is “Mess is Stress,” and this mess would make his head explode.

Playroom or crime scene?

What is that stuff, you ask? It was one of Little Four’s Christmas presents, the Moon Dough Mega Food Club Pack. It will give your little darlings hours of fun molding little hamburgers and pizza toppings, but rest assured, the aftermath will make YOUR head explode. Then you have two messes to clean up. You should also know that they will drop the Moon Dough all over the floor, step on the crumbs, and track it all through the house. You will have to put those sneakers in the wash yet again.

I am not telling you not to buy Moon Dough. I just want you to make an informed decision. There has been a string of pleasant playdates (read: kids in the basement hacking this dough to pieces while parents are upstairs in relative peace) at my house in the past few months. However, all good things must come to an end, and I couldn’t face the basement disaster any longer.

Looks like someone was practicing his knife skills.

I salvaged a small portion of the dough and packed it and the accessories up and stowed them on a very high shelf. And then I vacuumed. And vacuumed some more.

Can we play a nice game of restaurant? Do a little coloring?

I would still like to make our mostly unfinished basement more hospitable for rainy day playing (or as an escape from the heat)–without actually¬†finishing it. So I’m pondering the lighting (very poor) and I may survey the kids to find out what kinds of things they would play down there. Now that we’re past the toddler stage, there are all sorts of possibilities. Maybe a permanent art workspace. We have a very long shelf that could work for Legos. They could set up marble runs and leave them up. As Little Four might say, “Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a SWING?”