Monday Menu and Recipe Review

This weekend was so brimming with activities that I am actually looking forward to this week for some quiet time. I don’t even mind the chilly weather, so long as the rain holds off until I can mow the grass in the morning. In between birthday parties and band fundraising and church, the Hub baked scones and banana bread, and Little Five sacrificed the small pumpkin he brought home from Friday’s field trip so that I could make a pie. I’m not feeling very ambitious in my meal planning for the rest of the week, so we’re going to use what we have and I intend to CLEAN OUT THE FRIDGE. You heard it here first.

The highlight of our weekend was a drive into the city for an exhibition of works by one of our elementary school art teachers. The weather was crisp and sunny, lunch was delicious, and the art was beautiful. The kids loved talking to their teacher and telling her which piece was their favorite. They also fully appreciated the snack table. We should plan outings like that more often.

I’m off to the library and Goodwill.

This week

Last week

  • Fried green tomato BLTs with fennel mayonnaise, fruit salad. These were as good as the Hub thought they would be. The boys even ate them!
  • Chili, cornbread, salad (swap with Jen). The cornbread recipe on the Quaker cornmeal box is pretty good, especially if you add some corn kernels to the batter.
  • Split pea soup, croutons, salad. This is a delicious slow cooker version of split pea soup, and the croutons are a great way to use up all those bits of slightly stale bread cluttering the freezer.

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