Monday Menu & Recipe Review

I know it’s Wednesday, but the Memorial Day weekend threw me off completely. Yesterday at 3:15 I realized that Mr. Ten did not get off the school bus, at which point I called the school to inquire, in a slightly panicked voice, where my son might be. The secretary suggested–in a voice that implied that I was not the first panicked parent ever to call the office–that perhaps he was at the Crafty Creations after school club. “Crafty Creations! Yes! He is! Thank you!” was all I could manage. Then I looked at my Google Calendar for the first time in four days.

And though I didn’t even begin on the weekend’s teetering pile of dirty laundry–Mr. Ten had to dig his wrinkled karate gi out from the bottom of the bin–I did put together a menu and managed to grocery shop (turns out Little Five is a big help in the bulk section of Whole Foods, especially when raspberry yogurt pretzels are involved). I also unclogged the shower drain (long overdue) and cleaned the rest of the master bathroom at the Hub’s request. Though he’s usually the first volunteer to clean a bathroom, he’s putting in some long hours at the office this week. Nothing says love like a clean bathroom.

This week

Tuesday: Ceylonese Cashew Coconut Chicken, basmati rice (doubled to swap with Jen)

Wednesday: Tomato Soup, grilled cheese (with roasted garlic Amish cheese from Shipshewana, Indiana), green salad (from the garden)

Thursday: Chicken Basil Sausage, Kale and Caramelized Onion Lasagna (from Jen)

Friday: Wheat berry salad with radishes, feta and grilled Italian sausage

Last week

Monday: Indian Butter Chicken curry, rice, roasted cauliflower

Time to order more curry paste! Such a great way to serve chicken breast. I roasted the cauliflower with cumin seeds, but didn’t make the rest of the salad.

Tuesday: Chickpea and Artichoke Heart Stew, bread (swap with Jen)

I really enjoyed this soup, especially with a good squeeze of lemon and some shaved Parmesan. I made it with homemade chicken broth, so it wasn’t vegetarian, but the brothy soup was surprisingly hearty.

Wednesday: Meatball subs, spinach salad (from the garden!)

We had an early dinner so we could get to the school talent show on time, so meatballs and sauce from the freezer were the perfect quick meal. The lesson: Always, ALWAYS make a double recipe of meatballs.

Thursday: Cumin and Smoked Paprika Chicken with Potatoes (from Jen)

Delicious. I’ll be stealing this recipe for sure. Juicy boneless chicken thighs, sliced potatoes and a flavorful sauce. We all loved it.


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  1. Chickpea and artichoke heart stew was a big hit for us. I added a little pepper and a dash of hot sauce when I ate the second time – seemed to bring out the flavors even more. I did a yard sale w/ a couple friends Friday and Saturday, this was our lunch both days. Perfect for a chilly day when you’ve been outside all morning!

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