Monday Menu and Recipe Review

I had big plans for today. (You can see where this is going, can’t you? It’s not even 9 a.m. and my plans are in the past tense.) Little Five was scheduled for his final day at preschool (just two hours for a picnic, but it would have been a good window in which to grocery shop), and I have lots of preparation for Miss Seven’s First Communion party this weekend. Instead, we are both suffering from some kind of stomach bug, and I’m just crossing my fingers that nobody else in the house catches it. My misery does NOT love company.

Fortunately, I felt just fine yesterday and had a lovely Mother’s Day. We stayed home–Little Five had been sick since Saturday afternoon–and alternately relaxed and did a few little projects. I received breakfast in bed, original Mother’s Day poetry–a haiku and an acrostic poem–as well as a beautiful bookmark and a note paper caddy constructed from popsicle sticks. The Hub got me a book I’ve wanted to read, and I had time to read it while he cooked. Miss Seven and I took a long walk around the neighborhood, we played some games, and Mr. Ten did his homework with a minimum of complaint. I planted the rest of the flowers and vegetables, and we hauled Miss Seven’s old dresser out of her room and replaced it with the newly refinished one. A very satisfactory day.

I made a menu for this week, too, but I suspect I’ll be shuffling things around depending on how I feel and when I make it to the store. Today I might toss some noodles into some chicken broth and call it dinner.

This week

Monday: Spaghetti and Meatballs, broccoli with lemon and olive oil

Tuesday: Indian Butter Chicken, rice, roasted cauliflower

Wednesday: Sesame Noodles, edamame, potstickers (swap with Jen)

Thursday: Asian Chicken Sandwiches (from Jen)

Friday: Tabbouleh with grilled shrimp

Last week

Monday: Cod in Parchment Packets, green beans and yellow squash, Israeli couscous

These are so easy to make, and the fish is so tender. I should have made another vegetable side dish, though–one pound of fish doesn’t go far for five people.

Tuesday: Corn, Scallion and Potato Frittata, green salad

A variation on a Spanish tortilla. Instead of frying the potatoes in a lot of oil, they are diced very small and then I poured boiling water over them and let them sit while I prepped the other ingredients. A nice light dinner, with leftovers good for breakfast or lunch.

Wednesday: Vietnamese Chicken Sandwich (Banh Mi), fruit salad (swap with Jen)

These Banh Mi sandwiches were a big hit with everyone. A great way to stretch a single little rotisserie chicken into a meal for two families.

Thursday: Turkey Burgers and Quinoa salad (from Jen)

Jen put spinach and romano cheese in the turkey burgers, and they were delicious. I loved the quinoa salad she made with tomatoes, corn and scallions. 

Friday: Homemade pizza

I went back to pre-baking the crust for a few minutes before adding the toppings, and for the first time in a couple of months, the crust was not underbaked. It’s so much easier to slide the pizza with toppings in and out of the oven, too. Sometimes I just need to stick with what works!


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