Monday Menu and Recipe Review

My usual morning routine was waylaid today by a trip to doctor for a throat culture for Miss Seven, who does indeed have strep throat. Since she’s not cleared to return to school until midday tomorrow, I’m planning a menu that doesn’t require an immediate trip to the grocery. Luckily, there’s some good stuff in the freezer right now. I grabbed some milk while we were at the pharmacy (where I spent a week’s grocery budget just on antibiotics, since our patient is allergic to amoxicillin), so if all else fails, we’ll have something to wash down the three-layer  masterpiece of a chocolate cake that the Hub baked yesterday. The occasion? It was Sunday.

This week

Monday: Chicken chopped salad (I think I’m going to set out all the components–leftover chicken, hard-boiled eggs, lettuce, carrots, etc.–and let everyone assemble their own bowls)

Tuesday: Black Bean Burgers (out of the freezer), kale chips

Wednesday: Ecuadorean pork stew (the recipe linked is for chicken, but I’ll streamline the recipe, just searing the cubed pork and then adding the sauce–omitting the beer–straight from the blender), rice, fried plantains (double for Jen)

Thursday: Creamy Baked Pasta with Chicken (by request of Mr. Ten)

Friday: Crockpot beef and broccoli, rice

Last week

Monday: Chicken and biscuits (swap)

Our grocery had rotisserie chickens on sale last week for $4.99, so I bought two, shredded all the meat, and made a beautiful dark stock from the carcasses in the pressure cooker. That stock gave the sauce for the chicken and biscuits an extra depth of flavor. I made some buttermilk biscuits, which were not as light and fluffy as storebought, but I thought their sturdier texture paired well with the sauce. The kids practically licked their bowls.

Tuesday: Jen’s Lasagne (swap)

Homemade lasagne on a weeknight. Hallelujah!

Wednesday: Lamb and Couscous, pan-roasted asparagus

More leftover Easter leg of lamb from the freezer, plus whole wheat coucous cooked with tomato, onion, chicken broth, raisins, and spices (cinnamon, cumin and coriander). 

Thursday: Pork Fried Rice, edamame

Last week we cooked a double batch of rice, sliced up extra pork tenderloin, and put it all in the freezer to have on hand for fried rice. 

Friday: Jen’s Chili and macaroni

We helped Jen out by taking some chili off her hands that didn’t fit in her freezer. Not knowing how spicy it might be (it was just right), I also cooked some macaroni. We had enough for a few more lunch servings over the weekend and to put in Mr. Ten’s thermos this morning!

Saturday: Broiled yogurt-marinated chicken thighs, lentil salad, roasted beet salad with goat cheese

This chicken recipe is ideal for the grill, but until the weather warms up, I’ve been cooking it under the broiler. It takes 15-20 minutes and stays moist, but gets a little charred on the edges–a perfect combination, if you ask me. Lentils cooked in broth and dressed with vinaigrette made a great warm side dish. I’d forgotten how quickly they cook! I cooked the whole pound of dried lentils and saved half in the freezer for a future meal.


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