Monday Menu and Recipe Review

I had a bad case of Spring Fever yesterday and spent all day working in the yard. We got our raised bed prepped for planting (just waiting for those seeds to arrive in the mail–any day now!), raked up all the leaves and dead perennial foliage, and started assembling our compost pile. The Hub cleared the pine needles out of the gutters and went a little crazy with the spring closet cleaning. There are muddy boots by the door and bikes on the porch. Ah, Spring!

This morning I took my achy self to the store for a few groceries and finally made up our menu. We have a lot in the freezer, so I didn’t need much. It’s another busy week–something planned for every single evening–followed by a busy weekend. I’m hoping to prep dinners early in the day to take the pressure off the dinner hour. If plans go awry, I have the makings of angel hair with spinach pesto–my favorite emergency meal.

Last week

Monday: Mexican Rice Casserole (swap from Jen), guacamole and chips

Another winner of a casserole from Jen! Loved the big slices of tomato (they are also easy to avoid when serving tomato-averse children).

Tuesday: Chicken with Lemon, Cumin and Mint, farro, Greek salad (doubled, to swap with Jen)

I loosely followed the recipe: I used boneless chicken thighs, added plain yogurt to the marinade, and let it marinate several hours longer–overnight, actually. They broiled nicely in about 12 minutes, but would also work great on the grill.

Wednesday: Ali Baa-Baa Sandwiches, Greek salad

A post-Easter lamb favorite. I set aside a small portion of meat without the onions and apples for the picky eaters. Leftover sandwich filling was good for lunch atop the farro from Tuesday.

Thursday: Baked Potato Soup

This recipe has gone into our regular meal rotation. I don’t think it’s nearly as fattening as it seems (though it is filling!). I double the recipe as a matter of course, and we all had soup for lunch the next day.

Friday: Pasta and Tomato Sauce with Butter and Onion

Next time Mr. Ten is going to be in charge of making the sauce, now that he knows the recipe. I caught someone licking their bowl after the pasta was all gone. Even Miss I-Don’t-Like-Tomato likes this sauce, so long as I purée it well with the immersion blender. I made a batch and a half so there’s a little extra to go on this week’s pizza.

This week

Monday: Tex-Mex Meatloaf (doubled to swap with Jen)

Tuesday: White Bean Soup with Kale and Turkey Italian Sausage (from Jen)

Wednesday: Pizza (toppings: mushrooms, asparagus, pepperoni; dough is in the freezer)

Thursday: Locro de papas (I don’t follow a recipe, but that one is similar), avocado, pickled red onions

Friday: Pork medallions in creamy pan sauce, rice, asparagus


What was your favorite meal last week?


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