The Garden Project: Ordering seeds

The snow has finally melted, the sun is shining, and I can see blue sky out my dirty windows. The daffodils are inching their way up. Spring is whispering in my ear. It ought to be saying, “Get on with the spring cleaning already,” but instead it’s telling me, “Plant a garden!” One morning last week, before coffee even, I ordered seeds and–on a whim–strawberry plants. I found that Home Depot has some reasonably priced raised bed kits that are in stock at my local store. There is still plenty of work in the back yard that requires the professionals, but I don’t want to wait until everything is perfect (that could be a long wait) before we start growing some vegetables this year. Right now I have a sunny spot that is clear and seeds on the way, so I have to make it happen!

I have no gardening expertise. A few times in years past we have planted a handful of vegetables, with mixed results. I am trying to start small this year so I don’t get in over my head. (“Baby steps, Bob!”) I’m not starting seeds indoors. I chose my seeds based on what the almanac tells me I can sow directly into the ground in March and April. I bought lettuce, spinach, carrots, radishes, sugar snap peas, basil, parsley and beets. I plan to set up two four foot square beds, one with some trellis at the back for the peas, and see how it goes. Later in the spring, I hope to add some tomato plants, and maybe cucumber and squash.

In other landscaping news, we had our big tree and the remaining hedge cut down. We took advantage of a city program tree trimming program that gave us a reduced rate.



We are still waiting for the crew to return and grind out all the stumps. The front of the house looks dreadfully bare right now, and you can see all the pine needles the tree left in the gutter.



But thanks to Dig Right In, we have a beautiful plan to work from, and once the stumps are gone, I plan to work on amending the soil and adding some new plants in front of the porch.



I’m calling it officially Spring!


Are you making any plans for your outdoor spaces this spring?


3 responses

  1. I found a perfect spot in our front yard last year for tomatoes and peppers. I was thinking of expanding that bed, and variety of vegetables, this year. Raised bed(s) might be just the thing. And that’s a nice price. I’m also planning on a children’s garden in the corner of our back yard….

  2. That tree was amazing. Too bad whoever planted it didn’t understand how it would grow to overwhelm the house.
    The shot of the carrots actually made my mouth water!

  3. We just moved to this house last fall so there are A LOT plans for the yard this spring. I’m excited to have a few vegetables in the raised bed beside our garage, I’ll be putting in a fire pit, and possibly changing up some of the landscape plantings we inherited from the previous owners. Now I’m going to go check out “dig right in”

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