Monday Menu

After all that holiday gluttony, it’s time to get back to the routine. The kids are all back in school today, my to-do list is yards long and I finally have a hope of accomplishing some of it, so I was thrilled to read the Dinner: A Love Story post full of dinner ideas for me to steal. A couple of them even match the stuff that’s already in our fridge and pantry, so I can put off shopping until tomorrow. It couldn’t have come at a better time, because as we all know, the hardest part of getting dinner on the table is coming up with an idea. I got up early this morning, showered, did the dishes, started the laundry, made the lunches, and have almost finished with my grocery list. I’m counting on this desperate burst of productivity to carry me through the rest of the day.

If you need some fresh ideas for dinner, go check out DALS right now. You won’t be sorry.

Monday: Crispy Black Bean Tacos/Quesadillas and guacamole

Tuesday: Lamb meatballs, pita, hummus

Wednesday: Moosewood Tomato Soup and grilled cheese sandwiches, salad

Thursday: David Lebowitz’s Olympic Seoul Chicken, rice, edamame

Friday: Taco pizza

Saturday: Pasta with caramelized cabbage, anchovies and breadcrumbs


Are you trying a new recipe this week, or sticking with old favorites?


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