Monday Menu

After a weekend packed with holiday fun (concerts, elementary school dance, dinner with friends, the annual trek to Home Depot to pick out a Christmas tree), and more to come this week, we are keeping it simple in the kitchen. We’ve got to pace ourselves–and save some time and energy for cookie baking.

Everything on the menu is a pantry or freezer meal (several are pulled straight from the freezer and just need reheating), and the only grocery shopping required was for a few supplies for this final week of packed lunches and some cookie ingredients.

Monday: Roast chicken, Thanksgiving sides pulled from the freezer

Tuesday: Potato soup

Wednesday: Lemon-parsley pasta with chicken, fruit salad

Thursday: Hoisin burgers, sesame noodles, edamame

Friday: White bean and ham soup, sandwiches, broccoli salad


Do you have enough in your freezer or pantry to put together a few meals this week?


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