Monday Menu

Let me tell you, that freezer inventory is working really well. You know, as long as I remember to cross off the things I’ve used up. I just realized that the Hub made this menu based on the inventory, but the ground chicken is long gone, eaten up in last week’s chili. While I was at Aldi on Saturday, congratulating myself on only spending $25 for the week’s groceries, I should have grabbed more chicken. Ah, well–I have to return later in the week, anyway, to stock up on Thanksgiving essentials.

Monday: Pasta with Guiltless Alfredo Sauce, bacon and cherry tomatoes; roasted beet salad with feta

Tuesday: Split pea soup

Wednesday: Spaghetti and meatballs, salad, garlic bread

Thursday: Gingery ground chicken, rice, edamame, fruit salad

Friday: Sandwich Night

Are you clearing space in your refrigerator for Thanksgiving?


4 responses

  1. Going to try that guiltless alfredo sauce! I actually never have room in my fridge, it seems. My father-in-law actually got us another freezer/fridge combo for our garage when they were visiting, and that one has somehow become full too! Too many trips to Costco 🙂

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