Monday Menu

It’s been a while since I mixed up some no-knead bread dough (instead I’ve been experimenting with other pizza dough recipes), but the Hub asked for homemade pita this weekend, so I spent five minutes and mixed it up. Now we’ll also have fresh bread this evening and pizza dough on Friday. I really need to write “Mix up bread dough” on my calendar once a week. Maybe I just need a spot on the calendar for batch cooking for the rest of the week. I’m always thrilled with the results when I remember to stock the cupboards with muffins or granola, grill lots of chicken or roast several pans of vegetables. It just makes the rest of the week’s meals so much easier.

Lucky for me, the Hub made tonight’s soup over the weekend, so my only job tonight is to bake the bread and make a salad. I think I can manage that between Little Four’s tap class and my choir practice!

Monday: Beef Barley Soup, salad, bread

Tuesday: Thai-style Ground Pork, Coconut Rice

Wednesday: Fish tacos

Thursday: Slow cooker Indian-Spiced Lentils and Chicken

Friday: Pizza

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Monday Menu


Do you have a routine for cooking large batches of food for the coming week? Please share!


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