Catching my breath

I had such rosy visions of all the things I would accomplish, all the projects I could finally begin–once the kids started school. Visions of paintbrushes were dancing in my head. It’s been a week, now, and I haven’t started a single project. Granted, there was that party to prepare for and clean up after, and though it wasn’t stressful, it did take time. And just to throw another monkey wrench into the works, I’ve been sick. Not take-to-my-bed sick, but a few days of low-grade fever, and a lingering cough and chest congestion–the kind that’s not bad during the day, but goes into high gear as soon as I lay my head on the pillow. (I’m afraid I craigslisted that old recliner a couple of weeks too soon–it was always good for nights when you need to sit up to get some sleep.)

But after a pretty good night’s sleep, today I’m inclined to celebrate the successes of the past week instead of focusing on all I have yet to accomplish. We slid easily back into the school day routine. Earlier bedtimes, packing lunches, homework, and piano practice. I’m working my way through the laundry pile (the daily routine lapsed in the past few days). Yesterday I finally did something with that little basket of shriveled apples so they wouldn’t go to waste (I made a mini batch of apple butter). I don’t know what’s for dinner yet (I skipped out on this week’s menu because we had lots of party leftovers to eat, but I think tonight we’ll need a change), but it might involve butternut squash.

Next week the after school activities begin in earnest (be prepared for a bunch of slow cooker recipes!), and Little Four finally starts preschool. Instead of catching up, I’m going to catch my breath. Get well. Take some time to make a list of all the projects I’d like to do, and decide which ones I’m ready to tackle.

Next week, that is.


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