Monday Menu…and last week’s links

I keep saying I’m going to clean out the freezer, but it never seems to happen. Just wishing doesn’t make it so, apparently. But this week I’m planning meals around what I find in the freezer: a couple of lonely steaks, several pounds of stale bread, sausage, bits and bags of frozen fruit. In the fridge, I’ve got eggs and a bunch of vegetables to play with. By the end of the week, I should be one step closer to the Great Freezer Purge of 2012. (Sounds fun, doesn’t it?)

Monday: T-bone steaks (for the adults), meatballs (for the kids), baked potatoes, green beans

Tuesday: Spinach and cheese strata, green salad, fruit smoothies

Wednesday: Pasta with cheese and Italian sausage, kale (salad or cooked?)

Thursday: Sandwiches (the perfect summer, no-prep meal)

Friday: Leftovers!


Last week on Home Baked

Food processor mango sorbet

Rotating seasonal clothing


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