Monday Menu

Welcome to Monday Menu: The Post-Holiday Edition. I don’t know about you, but my refrigerator is stuffed with leftovers. I’m really hoping not to cook for another three days. In reality, I’m sure it will disappear faster than that–no doubt the rest of the deviled eggs will vanish in an after-school feeding frenzy!

Monday: Ali Baa Baa sandwiches (leftover Easter lamb!), salad

Tuesday: Leftovers! Pork roast, roasted garlic scalloped potatoes, green beans

Wednesday: Potstickers, some kind of salad with tofu and kale, mango sorbet

Thursday: Chicken thighs with fennel and onion (I use a similar, but simplified, Rachael Ray recipe from one of her early 30-minute meal cookbooks)

Friday: Enchiladas

Do you have some leftover holiday goodies to start your week? Chocolate bunnies?


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