The Spring Fling: in the closet & under the bed


A little more spring cleaning around our house this weekend, mostly prompted by my husband cleaning out his closet.  I got on board today, finally, and organized my stuff–the toppling stacks of sweaters, the dangling straps of extra purses and the stuff that doesn’t even belong in that closet have all been sorted, tidied and put away.



I bought a new bedskirt, so we used that as an excuse to rotate the mattress, wash the mattress pad and vacuum under the bed. The kids’ rooms got a quick vacuum, too. (Does anyone else in a multi-story house wish they had a vacuum for each floor? I dread dragging that heavy thing upstairs. If we had the storage space, I might consider it.)

I find that a little organizing begets a little more…so I found myself sorting through the shoes that had multiplied in the hall closet (people have been wearing boots one day and sandals the next). I put away the winter boots and all the slippers that the kids aren’t wearing anymore. I even recycled a bunch of magazines from the basket in our bedroom.

We have a new pile of things to donate, but it’s all bagged up and waiting for the next Amvets pick up. In the meantime, I just might find a few more things to add to it.


5 responses

  1. I wish for a vacuum on every floor every single day, but like you I don’t really have the storage for it. Our vacuum’s home is actually in the basement, but it rarely makes it there. It usually just stays where ever I used it last.
    A little straightening and what an improvement for your closet.

  2. Looks great! From time to time, I go through and refold my sweaters and usually end up with one or two to give away because I know I haven’t worn them. As for the vacuum – my DAD got tired of lugging the vacuum around, so now my mom has one for each floor and she loves it. It’s a splurge, but at 71, I think she deserves it. 😉

  3. I keep hearing about these AmVets pick-ups and I am green with envy! Instead I drive around for three to five weeks with hefty bags in the van!

    Multiple vacs …..brilliant!

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