Monday Menu

Once again, I went grocery shopping without making a menu plan first. Now I just have to get creative–sometimes easier said than done. I hit a good sale on chicken and Italian sausage and there are enough leftovers from tonight’s dinner for another meal, so I have someplace to start. And just because I write down a plan, doesn’t always mean I follow it. Last Wednesday I planned to try that new spinach pesto lasagna recipe, but the day got away from me. Instead I made a simple pesto on spaghetti, which is one of our very favorite easy and fast comfort meals. (If you haven’t made your own pesto before, you’re missing out. I’ll share my version with you tomorrow.) Of course, that meant that Friday we had pasta again–this time tuna pesto on linguine. I usually try to plan more variety, but sometimes you just need to get dinner on the table. Nobody seemed to mind.

Monday: Carroty Mac and Cheese

Tuesday: Leftover Night

Wednesday: Pasta with cheese and Italian sausage (something along these lines)

Thursday: Pan-roasted chicken with Brussels sprouts and Bacon

Friday: Hummus, pita, Greek salad

Saturday: Corned beef and cabbage


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