Monday Menu

After a perfect weekend at home–no schedule, no activities, no deadlines, and plenty of leftovers–I’m feeling refreshed. I clocked my fair share of lounging, but somehow with nothing required of me, I was motivated to get a good start on sorting through the inevitable piles of stuff in the basement. I love feeling rested and productive.

My personal chef spent Saturday at the grocery store and in the kitchen and came through with some fabulous chicken liver pâté (he says the secret is to strain it for perfect smoothness), orecchiette with pulled pork ragout, and a brown butter cake that was divine (especially for those of us who prefer our sweets less tooth-achingly sweet). Sunday dinner was roast chicken and a lemony potato salad (and more cake), accompanied by dinner conversation in which we learned that Mr. Nine wants to be an astronaut when he grows up (“because I’m fascinated with space,”), Miss Six wants to be a teacher, and Little Four wants to be a teacher, too (and was promptly and justly accused of being a copycat).

And where there is roast chicken, there are leftovers (and broth in the crockpot) for tonight’s dinner. Speaking of leftovers, I should mention that last week’s Italian Wedding Soup (I followed my own recipe for meatballs) and Salmon and Potato Cakes were enjoyed by the entire family and provided several more lunches. The salmon recipe will go into regular rotation, as it is the first time everyone has eaten salmon without complaint (they like them with the dill sauce on a bun, too).

This week I’ve planned some tried and true favorites, as well as a couple new recipes. I think the kids will forgive the spinach if it’s layered between creamy, cheesy pasta. And they’ve enjoyed take-out sesame chicken, so I’ve been meaning to attempt a version at home (where I can adjust the heat from the chili paste to an acceptable level). I’ll let you know how they turn out!

Monday: Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos, guacamole

Tuesday:  Pork Milanese, pan roasted asparagus

Wednesday: Spinach Pesto Lasagna

Thursday: Sesame Chicken, rice, broccoli

Friday: Spaghetti with tuna pesto

Happily, we have nothing on the calendar for next weekend either, so I’m leaving it unplanned–a blank slate for whatever culinary whims might overtake us.

Is there a new recipe you’ve been meaning to try?


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