Monday Menu

Yesterday morning I returned from a decadent three-day weekend in Palm Beach with some girlfriends. Lots of sleep, sun, reading by the pool, and half-price martinis. Reentry (via a 7 a.m. flight) was abrupt, though sweetened by the curbside airport pickup with hot coffee, homemade muffins and a dazzling welcome home sign.

The kids are home today for Presidents’ Day and we have a playdate scheduled. Tonight I have the first of three chorus rehearsals for this weekend’s concerts, and of course there are still the usual after school activities. And I just noticed that, Hey! Ash Wednesday is this week, and it’s time to start observing some Lenten meat-free Fridays. So most of these meals are either make-ahead (early in the day) or fall into the 30-minute meal category. Just like every other week, right?

Monday: Beef stew with beer, noodles

Tuesday: Tandoori chicken burgers, tzatziki, tomato salad

Wednesday: Thai salmon, rice

Thursday: Baked potato bar, salad

Friday: Pasta pesto

Saturday: Locro (Ecuadorean potato soup)

Sunday: Leftovers and/or soup and sandwiches

Later today, if I’m feeling motivated, maybe I’ll see what kind of fried dough we can dabble in for Fat Tuesday. Anyone have a suggestion for something I can mix up tonight and fry in the morning?


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  1. Just made Locro on Friday. We had sweet plantains, rice cakes, avocado, and thinly sliced stake marinated in lemon. this was one fest we worked on all weekend!

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