Monday Menu

This week is a little crazy at our house. No, A LOT crazy: work, travel, work, all the regular activities, and more work. We have the help of several kind friends and babysitters, but delegating a large chunk of my regular responsibilities to all these different people is making me anxious, so I’m compensating by making endless lists and trying to do as many things as I possibly can ahead of time. I actually planned the menu and shopped on Friday instead of waiting until Monday. The big kids didn’t have school, so all three accompanied me to three stores. Obviously I didn’t plan that very well, but with a rare McDonald’s stop in the middle for lunch, they were all quite helpful and we made it in time to drop Little Four off at preschool. Over lunch, Mr. Nine said to me, “Now I know what you do all day.” I don’t know what he thought I did all day!

This week features several meals that can be prepared completely ahead of time, or at least have minimal last minute preparation. The stuffed shells will be easy for the babysitter to reheat in the microwave. I also plan to make some banana bread, blueberry muffins, and some pizza crusts to get us through the week.

Monday:  Corn chowder, cheddar scones, salad

Tuesday:  Thai peanut noodles, potstickers, cucumber salad

Wednesday:  Buttermilk baked fried chicken

Thursday:  Leftovers!

Friday:  Stuffed shells

Saturday: Pizza

What are you eating this week? What are your favorite meals to fall back on during a busy week?


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