Good cakes make good neighbors

I cannot take the least bit of credit for this recipe, but it’s so good I feel compelled to share it.  It’s a rhubarb-apple coffee cake that is perfectly balanced–not too gooey or too dry, not too sweet or too spicy.  A cake that would be wonderful for a special occasion, or no occasion at all.  Go get the recipe at Whipped, a great local (Chicago!) food blog, and then share some cake with your neighbor.  In fact, invite them over, because your house now smells so good, nobody will notice the unfolded laundry or the dishes in the sink.

(By the by, the cake I made has mostly apples, and very little rhubarb, since it isn’t really rhubarb season in October.  I feel confident that this cake would happily accept all rhubarb or all apple–whatever you have on hand.  Oh, and I promise to lay off the apple recipes for a while!)

Mixing up the batter

Crunchy crumble topping

Almost ready for the oven…

Sit down with some coffee and put your feet up!

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